Green Shirts Make Us Proud!

26 Nov

So Pakistan’s Hockey Team defeated Malaysia by 2-0 to be crowned champions at Asian Games after 20 years, yesterday in China.


Penalty-corner Specialist (read : KING of penalty-corners) Sohail Abbas scored the first goal in the first half while ace striker Rehan Butt did the second in the last half.

This win ended the title drought of 16 years and the period of defeats that had been much elongated all due to the previous (and current) maladriot PHF Managements assmebled on the basis of nepotism and political friendships.

Anyway, while I went on my typical  jumping and screaming spree – the nation beset by terrorism, poverty, inflation, the worst humanitarian crisis and the looming possibilties of political instability, celebrated and rejoiced.

Especially when the flag of Pakistan was unfurled dramatically, raised higher than all and while solely our National Anthem resounded through-out the stadium – a single emotion resonated throughout Pakistanis everywhere : Pride.



All the credit for this win goes to our players who’ve managed to survive in the pathetic environment that had been provided by the PHF and worked hard enough despite the sheer lack of faciliation, attention and efforts to revive the almost-breathing-its-last national sport (except a few people who have been putting in all their time and abilities for it, TDHA to mention one).


AND to all those fans (bear in mind, fans do not mean the ‘mausami-dadoos’ that are much in Pakistan and pop up to support someone after the achieve something big but those who have consistently supported someone/team etc) who loved Pakistan’s Hockey Team all this time, hooted for them at home when they scored a goal only to lose 7-2 to another team and yet believed in them. 

Also, whose hearts cried and pulled at the veins attached to it when Sohail Abbas was shunned for a while (mine did).


And though, there’s a long way to go to prove your mettle and worth : GREEN SHIRTS, YOU MADE US PROUD!


P.S : All those pessimists who considered our hockey team a bunch of losers before, this win means this for you :


2 Responses to “Green Shirts Make Us Proud!”

  1. Zawar Hakeem November 26, 2010 at 6:27 pm #

    😀 damn proud of the team hope cricket brings such happiness as well 🙂

  2. SharmeenShahid November 27, 2010 at 4:13 pm #

    Well said.
    And i totally agree with the ‘mausami-dadoos’ wala part!=P

    Pakistan Zindabab!=D

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