Alice in Wonderland and Our Zulqi In Facebook-Land

29 Nov

Okay, so the runway-cricketer-cum-cricket-refugee a.k.a Zulqarnain Haider updated a new status of his on Facebook some days back.

“Who talking negative about me wait fr 5 days go mere ookat dikha raha hai sab ke ookat kikhain ga 5 din main wo kahain se belong kerte hain unkarib ookat batata huin pher pata chale ga kis ke kitne ookat hai or kis ne pese lie hain or kis ne nahin.”

First, it took my 5 minutes to construe and make out what he wrote but you know whats annoying ? Not his 4-time use of the word ‘aukat’ as ookat neither his ‘for’ as ‘fr’ but one small thing  : His facebooking.

 Its getting on my nerves.


I mean, fine he wrote a status and ran off on the day of a crucial match. His claims did seem serious, he did what he thought best and then landed in London seeking asylum and wanting to live a ‘peaceful life’which indicated he had no intentions of uncovering the whole story behind the mafia and match-fixing involved in our cricket. Fine again.

Updating his page with a smartly-edited picture as the profile photo later, making an account on Twitter (yes he did, and wants you to follow him there) and updating statuses sitting in another country would be the last thing a mature and sane man would have on his mind if he’s been receiving death threats meant both for him and his family.

“In our culture, when you are worried about your family’s safety, you run to their side,” Taffazul Rizvi, the PCB’s legal adviser, said. “Whereas he has run to a different country.”

And enlightening everybody about your plan of action is plain stupid. He messaged the media before fleeing to UK and now he’s putting up statuses stating that he’ll be telling all in 5-days (as if that’s not dangerous for him now -_- ).

Thing is, if you want to reveal all – come out, and come out bold. If you don’t, then don’t facebook.

So my dear Zulqi, either be a man and help save Pakistan Cricket a little by opening up to name the people (it would cause a stir but another scandal wouldn’t make a difference to this wonderful cricketing year that this nation has witnessed) or stop Facebooking because that isn’t part of reality. Its what some runaway dictators believe as the yardstick for their popularity show their power and support because they have 358,064 fans there compared to the 18 crore awam of Pakistan and where Meera claims to have got some lakhs of marriage proposals just because some Kashi Maliks write on her page “i love u meera.i wana kiss u?”

So stop the facebooking because just like ‘Alice in Wonderland’, FB is a fantasy world in our realities and you seem to be getting into it. Either you stay in Facebook-land or you come face the real world with what you know.

Stop facebooking. Why? Because its dopey when you’re in a situation like yours.

Though I know :

P.S : 5 days are over, when you show the ookat fr those-who-must-be-named?


One Response to “Alice in Wonderland and Our Zulqi In Facebook-Land”

  1. Zeeshan Ahmed December 4, 2010 at 3:33 pm #

    LMAO ! Awesome piece of work ! Zulqi is sure the new drama queen of PakCricket 😀 😛
    Really well written 🙂

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