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Its Not Hunter Wali. Its Ms. Hunter Wali.

28 Apr

You see Miss Hunter Wali here?

Ofcourse you do!

She’s not just a Hunter Wali, she’s Miss Hunter Wali. Why?

She symbolises gender equality and support for it [ Notice the big, black boots and Superman-wala flap – women can wear ’em too ].

She signifies parity of ability and potential between the two sexes [ The whip, yes women can whip too ]

She personifies style!  [ Not a single designer till now, has that of more chic yellow shirt-with-back-flap, belt stitched with the blue jacket-looking-thing outfit that she’s wearing. And she’s sporting that boyish hairdo with those curly hair with that red lipstick! And she’s not even pouting like those carcasses of today … Yes, I meant models. ]

She shuns the age-old tradition of losing weight. [ The black shorts-like-cloth on her thighs is to highlight this ]

Because weight ain’t nothing but your fate draped in some flesh [ If you don’t get this, then sorry, you’re just not philosophical enough]

Above all, Miss Hunter Wali is an emodiment of the fight against oppression of women! That whip is for all those male chauvinists, misogynists and men who view females as toys or lesser beings with no rights.

At the end of the day, all of these men are born of a woman and you always have Miss Hunter Wali with that whip to remind them that.

Miss Hunter Wali for President.

~ HK