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A Picture Worth A Hundred Freaks.

1 May

So the Royal Wedding happened a day or two back, billions were watching on TV around the world while millions were at Hyde Park.

The most-awaited was the Royal Kiss but I know who was looking forward to it the most. This Amma Jee :


Usually people when they reach old-age, start bringing themselves closer to God but this woman here – she sends shivers down my spine [ No, not because of what you think ].

She mustered all her strength to go and [ I think she tried to get into the TV ] glue her eyes on the couple when they were kissing. And if you closely analyse her lips which are weirdly curved and her eyes – there seems to lie something perversely psychotic beneath them that reflects. She’s looking at them so umm mazay se?

I dunno but this Amma Jee is err .. has some serious issues.

She freaks me out.

~ HK

P.S : This is a proof that Pakistanis are not extremists. We loveth love.