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Munni And Sheila? Really? They Got Nothin’ On Our Girl Nargis!

1 Jan

So basically everybody is blasting ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ or ‘Sheila Kee Jawani’ these days and raving about Malaika and Katrina.

Frankly, I’m sick of it.

Why? Because you’re a bunch of hypocrites for backing the crap while ‘Hawww haye-ing’ when it comes to Nargis.

Why are Pakistanis even liking them Malaika and Katrina? Have you forgotten Nargis? I bet now you’ll be like ‘Whaaat? Malaika AND Katrina being compared to Nargis?” Well yeah, just because the Indian ones are labelled actresses and the latter is known as a performer on the stage to a rowdy crowd you don’t like her, douche bags.


But I know, our Nargis is as much as a babe as Munni and Sheila – even MORE!

You should be supporting her, why?

 1. Nargis was way more badnaam + jawan than Munni and Sheila. And way before they came onto the scene.

2. She is prettier (I’m not jk) quite a lot than Malaika and as far as Katrina is, you guys need to get over her (I mean yeah, she’s Kashmiri so that makes her amazing automatically *flip of hair* but she useless cuz she’s not a ‘full’ Kashmiri and has a British mother and can’t act or dance– if that makes any sense) – take a look at our own Aisha Linnea Akhtar, she is BEAUTY BEYOND WORDS!

3. She is married, settled, can cook and dance after having kids in Canada.

4. She knows how to MOOOVE.  Hell yeah.

5. There was actually a cyclone named Nargis and I just know they named it after her.

6.  Nargis is a Pakistani! Need I say more?

So paray hat Munni aur Sheila! You got NOTHIN’ on our girl Nargis!

And YOU lil Pakistani hypocrites playing those two songs again and again, love Nargis. Why shouldn’t you?

Just because she ain’t in India and ain’t in movies – it doesn’t make her any less than those awein Munni and Sheila.

Support Pakistanis!


Ma girl Nargis can squish those two squirrels named Munni and Sheila anytime.