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Why YOU Should Be Proud of The Incredible Eleven!

31 Mar

So alot is being said about Pakistan’s loss to India in yesterday’s World Cup Semifinal, some praising the team while others being typical and cursing them.

Someone’s actually filed a petition in the Lahore High Court against the Pakistan cricket team on charges of match-fixing in the semi-final match.

While nobody denies we played poor cricket yesterday, but we achieved much more than our loss. 

People blaming Afridi, what is wrong with you? Yes, he can not bat well and yes, he does make unfavourable decisions at times but I’d just defend him by quoting Ramiz Raja:

“Though Afridi couldn’t win the World Cup, but for 30 days, he made this country a nation.”



They beat Kenya, Canada, Sri Lanka in Colombo, Zimbabwe, they finished the 35-match streak of 3-time World Cup Champions Australia, defeated West Indies and topped their table by amazing performances!


Our Captain is the leading wicket-taker of this tournanment!

According to a site, Shahid Afridi’s 5-16 is the best bowling figures in the match against Kenya by a captain in the history of World Cup.

Deprived of World-Cup hosting rights, under a thoroughly pathetic cricket board with rife corruption and unprofessionalism, losing complete series, players convicted of spot-fixing, a runaway wicket-keeper, global humiliation, a faltered and demoralised team with a Captain announced only 10 days before the WC began – who would’ve thought they’d make it to the World Cup Semifinals by blazing victories? THIS IS CALLED WINNING!

Above all; Afridi XI binded this country of continous arguments, differences, separate classes, sects, religions, creeds and ethnicities into ONE nation. A proud and patriotic nation. Something which leaders have failed to do since the past 63 years.


The atmosphere that was created in Pakistan some days before the Semi was surreal, Pakistaniyat was in the air.

And Afridi, need not apologise. He built up a team which had turned to ashes, he put in his sincere efforts, he gave us reasons to raise our heads high and the sole reason that he belongs to Pakistan, is a source of pride for us. Thank you Lala, you are and will be the Champion for us.

So Pakistanis, be proud of your Team!

Those Incredible Bunch of Eleven!

Give ’em a memorable homecoming! For once, don’t hate. But appreciate them!

[ Remember when South Africa lost to Australia in the ’99 WC and how their people recieved them? ]


~ HK


P.S : That Indian Tota that predicted Pakistan would win the World Cup, fraudi tha sala!

He lied and thus got killed, jaisi karni waisi bharni.

P.S # 2 : The guy who filed the petition and asked to check Afridi’s call records, dude – you’re truly high on cow dung to file such a thing in the Lahore High Court.

P.S # 3 : All Misbah-lovers or Afridi haters or whoever you are, I genuinely consider Afridi as my brother and if I’m willing to come under a truck for him, I’ll respect you too [ LOL jK, I’m willing to push you under the very truck too ] so y’ll better respect Afridi and stop acting like Jamshed Dastis who spitted [ he actually spits while speaking ] hate against Younis after our loss in the Semi of the Champions Trophy of ’09 that ended up at him leaving the captaincy.

P.S # 4 : If not proud, be happy that atleast the Hamid Mir lame-ass analysm on cricket finished.

Updated :

STOP spreading that text of how Gilani fixed the match and took 7 Arab for it [ Match tha ya Burj Khalifa bananay kee raqam? ] and how Misbah, Younas, Umer Gul and the Akmals were involved in it and Gilani threatened Afridi to be involved too but he refused and blah. Seriously, how creative can people get here?

Fine, I get you hate the Government [ Maybe next time use your brain and not elect them? ] but making such crap up is hilariously sad. Where’s the proof?

And hello? People watching matches for the first time and forwarding this rumour, just because Misbah, Younas and Umer Gul played poorly in the Semi DOES NOT mean they were ‘bought’. These players have a clean reputation and cricketing careers that are without blotches. Amir, Asif and Butt were convicted but a few black sheep in a group does not imply the entire group is full of ’em. Our players came under pressure and played those typical shots that they do under pressure, it does NOT mean they fixed the match.

South Africa are chokers, had they belonged to a Pakistani nation – we would’ve ripped them to shreds with our moronic allegations. You’re just making a dolt out of yourselves by these texts and degrading the Incredible Eleven. Kindly visit TryToAcceptADefeatWithoutConspiraciesDotCom.