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Cut Afridi Some Slack.

10 Apr

So there has been alot of hullabaloo over Afridi’s ‘Indians can never be as large-hearted as us Pakistanis’ statement.

I admit, it was very irresponsible of him to say such a thing. Wrong for someone of his status. It was unmindful but err, hanging onto it like he just said something about attacking India?

He said ‘Muslims and Pakistanis’ – don’t we all talk of ‘Muslims’ as synonymous to the word ‘Pakistanis’?


And he mentioned Allah too; don’t we usually do that in our conversations? Just like any Hindu would say Bhagwan? A Christian would say God or Lord? There’s no need to include a war of religions in this, only bhangis like NFP would do that.                                                          

As far as that large-hearted point is, it stems from alot of obvious reasons and the Indian media occupies the largest place among them.

From the Indian media hyping the Semi as a full-fledged war between India and Pakistan, degrading Pakistan’s Team [ that too by ridiculous claims :- Kala Pathar ], raising a cry over Afridi saying Sachin will have to wait till the next World Cup to make his hundredth 100 [ Aur kia kehta? Aayie Sachin Bhai, hamaray khilaf apni century banaye? ] , making a montage of the scandals and controversies that hit our Team last year and showing it every 5 minutes, replaying Rehman Malik’s full-of-cow-dung ‘warning’ to our Team every 10th second.

Ravi Shastri saying comparing Pakistan’s Team to the Indian Team is equivalent to comparing a rickshaw with a BMW, Gambhir dedicating the Semi win to the victims of the 26/11 attack [ Oh and he also said : “Once on a trip to Jammu, I met some army men. They told me whatever we do, whoever we play; we should never lose to Pakistan. One of them was posted at the Indo-Pak border and was so emotional that he suggested that I should have a tattoo on my body saying, “I will never lose to Pakistan”. It’s not on my body but is etched on my heart and soul.” Now THAT is some real smart thing to say and don’t feed me that ‘He’s not the Captain of the Indian Team’ crap. ]

And broadcasting that ‘advice’ of ShahRukh Khan to Dhoni in a dinner for cricketers WHILE Afridi was sitting at the front, that he should light a fire in the backs of Pakistani players while wicket keeping [ Now I know, why Sahir Lodhi is his counterpart here ] :

Watch from 10:10 onwards and then 11:56 :

Also, while there were countless good-hearted Indian fans at Mohali at the Semi – one couldn’t help noticing the ones showing middle fingers to Pakistani players, falling silent or boo-ing when we took wickets.

 Of course, thats fine because Pakistanis don’t have feelings at all.

The afore-mentioned are most probably why Afridi made that statement. He had it all bottled up and a Pathan’s gotta say what a Pathan’s gotta say.

Oh and I can’t spare our media either here.

Since the moment Afridi arrived, they’ve been asking him questions about the Indian media [ I mean what did you expect of him to say? India’s media’s been really supportive? ] and Afridi was exhausted, tired, jaded from the defeat. That constant questioning provoked him to give an answer which our media wanted.

[ C’mon, even a British PM can lose his cool. ]

Media on both sides of the border needs to get chitroled.

[ Also note, that question to which he answered was about the INDIAN MEDIA not INDIAN FANS. He didn’t even know that it’d recieve more attention than Ex Indian Army Chief Deepak Kapoor’s ‘Cold Start’, statements especially in Pakistan.]

Alot of people commented on pieces relating to this majra by talking of ‘What can you expect from a man who bites a ball?’ and Afridi’s scruples.

Umm, scruples? What are you all? Saints who gauge one’s scruples and morals? That ball-tampering issue, he bit into the ball but it wasn’t even used. [ I remember once watching this movie where this student gets caught on a phone during an exam and his teacher catches him for cheating, he says it ain’t cheating because ‘Ashanti’s answer was wrong.’ Ashanti’s the girl on the phone btw. So the same way, the ball wasn’t used ] So what I’m trying to say is, he just bit into the ball. Period. And he apologized several times after it unlike someone.

If you have to judge his scruples, judge it from his character in cricket. Not a single match-fixing or any allegation as such.

Some Pakistani writers made good, rational points in the line of constructive criticism about Afridi’s statement. About  how he shouldn’t mix things up but others who kept branding him as the ‘Next politician in Pakistan’ etc – aap sab ka mamaay MNA lagay huay hain jo aap ko bara pata hai?

The Indian media also jumped and called Afridi a ‘Terrorist’ after displaying the following pictures.

 [Can’t blame ’em waise, they’re used to those gali kay Khans who hardly look like Pathans]



                                                              [ Hold a snake. LIKE A BOSS!]

                                            [ This one’s for Shahrukh Khan’s big ‘ole ]


So what I’m trying to say is, Afridi did not go to India to solve the Bhasha Dam issue or fix Indo-Pak relations. He went there to play cricket and if he made a humble statement  before which was not his duty to make, its his meherbani.


He made a careless statement and it should’nt have been taken as if Mullah Omar said something.  

Those taking the whole thing too far and acting like it damaged Indo-Pak relations greatly [ As if they were on an all-time high before and Afridi just said something about nuking ], kindly eat the manure that fills your head and chill the faeces out.


[ About time, you cut me some slack.]

Cut him some slack.

And Lala, dontcha’ worry – Lala Loyalists got your back!

I defend my brother, Lala Apreeday and the fact that he’s a human and can make mistakes as much as all of us. People’ve made him realize the effects of what he spoke but acting as if he spoke of World War III is wrong.

What Lala thinks about his statement and all the issue after it.


[ See? Even claps for someone who lies about Shaiby]

~ HK